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The Goddess Planets and Their Importance – A Sign of the Times

The constellations of the zodiac reflect our evolution as human beings and the planetary bodies represent aspects of this growing awareness. The recent feminine christening of several asteroid planets suggest a leveling in the playing field of traditional patriarchal rule. As above, so it is below. It is time to learn to balance our inherent natures and live in greater harmony with each other and our natural environment.

Opting for Palmistry and How to Recognize a True Handreader

Many people want to find out about their fortune for several reasons. If you wanted to find out about your fate and fortune based on astrology, you need to know your exact time of birth and location because astrological charts are computed based on this, not just your birth date. An alternative is Palmistry. But how can you find a true hand reader?

Have I Lived Before? 3 Do It Yourself Experiments For Recalling Your Past Lives

Who else has vague memories of past lifetimes? Do you often have strange feelings of deja vu or recollections of people, places or things that you’ve never seen before, yet..

Synthesizing Our Perceptions, The Month of Gemini 2014

The Synergy Of Spring! Whenever our Sun enters a mutable sign, we know our present season is getting ready for change. In the communication realms of Gemini, The Twins stir up the intellectual forces of Spring- urging the collective consciousness to unite within imitation and genius. Mercury guides the MINI GEM of GEMINI’s innate abilities to create mental awareness, receptivity of ideas and motivate movement within our minds, souls and spirits.

Role of Planet Mercury in the Vedic Astrology – Your Intelligence and Communication

The Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communication. Placement of Mercury in your natal chart decides your speaking & writing abilities. Let’s explore more about it.

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