Small vs. Huge Telescope for Astrophotography

Where Can I Get the Best Horoscope Reading?

The study of astrology focuses on how the positions and movements of the various celestial bodies impacts a person’s life events. Astrology helps one understand a number of things- ranging from their own personality and temperament, to their compatibility with their partner, and even what career would best suit them.

The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Taurus and Its Relationship With Capricorn

As one born under the sign of Capricorn it is those born under Taurus who are most likely to be my friends. There is an inbuilt bond or attraction that cements our relationship. From my child-hood friends to my adult companions it is those stamped with the horns of a bull that win my heart.

The Universal Spirit and Signs of the Zodiac

One wonders how accurate star signs are and what they are meant to tell us. That is a complex mystery as the more one looks into it the more accurate they appear to be. That does not infer that those who supposedly read the stars and can tell the future are genuine.

The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Leo

Born between July 24th to August 23rd are those who are ruled by or rather partners to the sun. That makes them kings and in their minds they sit way above everyone else. The sun, you may already know, is the Queen of Heaven and her mates sit proudly next to her.

The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Aries

Those born between March 21st to Aril 20th fall into this category. Like the lamb of the ram who sired them the Aries child is full of attractive manners and beauty. They captivate their audience and learn from birth how to get their own way.

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