Vedic Astrology & Its Relevance to Our Life

Vedic Astrology is one of the oldest sciences known to mankind. Vedic Astrology is a science that takes into account the planetary movements and their respective positions and subsequent effects on the 12 zodiac signs which in turn have a direct effect on people. For eg.

Year Ahead With Modi Govt

Sh. Modi is known for his tremendous oratory skills, he creates a media face that is beyond par, at least in terms of the present day context, and he is also adored for the excellent and the tasteful way in which he dresses up. While the BJP has worked tirelessly to push reforms and make progress for the benefit of the nation ever since it has come into power, Sh. Modi was very recently in the news for his visit to the United States, where he met the founding members and directors of Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and the itenary involved a tour to the workplace facilities as well.

Vastu Services: To Turn Fortunes In Your Favor

The vastu Shastra is basically the Hindu architectural system. It is the science that guides people about how to build houses, forts and temples.

Understanding the Impact of Planets in 2016 With Vedic Astrology

A beginning, a new turn and a fresh start! This stands true for 2016 even. Like all years, the coming year 2016 will start with bang, ushering in changes, new resolutions, firmer determination, high spirits and an invincible urge to move forward in life.

Targeting Our Truth, The Month of Sagittarius 2015

SAYING ADIOS TO AUTUMN! As any current season gets ready to change, our Sun has to be in a mutable sign to stir up energy in order to do so. As the Sun journeys with Sagittarius -our most energetic channel of communication- we find a calling to become more spirited as we aim to bring in the equal connection to our mind and body. With Jupiter in charge of this fire sign, we still find warmth to embrace as our days become colder to experience the generosity, joy, and the blessings of the holiday season.

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