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Chinese New Year of the Monkey – A High-Spirited Year Of Aventure For 2016

The high-spirited Year of the Monkey begins on 8th February 2016. This new year is a Red Fire Monkey. Fire brings more energy to the animal, so magnifying its characteristics. Monkeys are popular, naughty, competitive, forceful, and control freaks. Their self assurance makes them determined leaders. However, monkeys are also reckless, stubborn, aggressive and selfish. This will be a year of optimism and adventure. Anything can happen. Everything will be fast, including settlement of conflicts. Although people will be more boisterous, they also become more docile and open to change.

Having a Birth Chart Made For Your Newly Born Baby

If a birth chart is made for an individual when he is born, we could come to know about the positive and negative phases in his life. Alternately, a horoscope would let us make predictions about an individual in advance. So we would know where we are required to tread carefully, or make use of remedies such that one could get over the difficult times with ease. A horoscope is also used for figuring out positive Muhurtas for an individual. These could be used for occasions such as baby shower, ring ceremonies or even marriage.

Astrology: To Overcome Bad Fortune

It is a pseudo-science. Astrology deals with the movement of the stars and their effect on the human lives. As per the philosophy of this science, the location and moment of the star have a tremendous influence on the fates of the man. The astrologers are people who have expertise in this domain. They with the help of their knowledge and capabilities understand various aspects of human life. They provide information on how things will go in the future for an individual.

Sphatik Mala – A Gift Given to Us by the Earth

It is very often believed that Sphatik is possessed with a strong field of light and energy, and the same enables it to render a very strong protection against the negative vibrations that prevail in the environment. And when one adorns a sphatik mala, one becomes more affectionate and simply learns how to enjoy life.

The Truth Behind Astrology Predictions

Astrology Predictions can streamline the flow of our life. Heath astrology predictions and numerology predictions are both very important aspects of astrology which address our concern and curiosity for future.

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