I Tried Luminar AI on my Astrophotography Images…

Role of Planet Mars in the Vedic Astrology – The Action

The Mars is your action to the world. In the natal chart, Mars is connected with the brother. The Mars resembles our earth in many ways. Scientists believe that it is an escaped satellite of Earth, which leads them to believe that there could be possibility of life on the Mars. Let’s take an astrological view of this warrior planet.

Role of the Planet Moon in the Vedic Astrology – The Emotions

The Moon is your emotional response to the world. The Moon describes our mother and her nurturing. It belongs to the night and the mysteries. There is a lot more to it. Let’s take an astrological view of this queen planet.

The Cardinal Grand Cross, New Paradigm for the Age of Aquarius

There’s so much negative press about the Cardinal Cross. Here’s some of the good news.

Role of the Planet Sun in the Vedic Astrology – Who You Are

The Sun is the leading planet in the solar system. It is a major contributor to decide the course of action for our lives. The Sun symbolizes “what you are” and “who you are”. Let us take an astrological view of this majestic planet.

Stabilizing Our Spiritual Security, The Month of Taurus 2014

The Stable Spirit of Spring! The first fixed sign, Taurus The Bull, asks us to organize and accept a placid energy in our Zodiac Month ahead. Its’ earthen presence promises that with proper intentions, what we plant now will reap a dependable harvest when the time is right to receive it. However, without any spiritual means from the heart to nurture it along, what we set into place upon the earth, may only grow into worthless possessions unless they are backed by sustainable vision.

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