I Took a Picture of the SUNFLOWER GALAXY (From Home!)

Wearing The Proper Gemstone Based Upon Your Astrological Birth Chart

Vedic astrology is an ancient Indian science and comprises of many facets which deal with how natural forces affect human beings. The roots of the ancient astrology have been mentioned within the sacred scriptures, but over the years, the basics of the particular field of science have started fading away into oblivion, simply because the newer generation of researchers find it difficult to read and understand the ancient scriptures, and discover what has been actually mentioned within them. However, some knowledge has been retained and many astrologers make use of it, knowingly or unknowingly, to provide solutions for individuals suffering…

Full Moon in Cancer – Time to Nurture

When there is a Full Moon in Cancer, this marks the Moon’s return home to her natural sign. She has been travelling for the last year and is happy to be home. It’s a great time for nurturing or being nurtured, eating well, focusing on your security, taking care of those you love.

Is Astrology A Scientific Study?

Even though astrology is an ancient science, it has failed to be recognized as such by the scientific fraternity. It basically deals with the influence of heavenly bodies upon human beings. It is an organized form of science, with its own methodology, rules, calculations, and math.

Horoscopes Are Fun But Not Real or Proven in Any Way

Most people enjoy reading their daily stars or horoscope but taking these seriously is surely misguided. Here we will explain why.

Wood Horse Year 2014-15 and China’s Lunar ‘Yutu’

Yutu’ means ‘Jade Rabbit’. Both elements of this composite symbol need to be appreciated.

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