I Photographed the Same Galaxy 5 Years Apart

Using Chinese Horoscope to Help You Find Your Perfect Match

Valentines’ Day is one of the most celebrated occasions. Somewhere in the world, there are two pairs of people who are attracted to each other, regardless of their background, financial status, race and religion.

The Power of Peace, The Month of Pisces, 2014

WIELDING WINTER’S WONDER! Anytime our Sun is in Pisces we have to know that Spring is coming soon! This Zodiac month winds down our current season of retreat, asking the collective to truly tap into an understanding about the power of peace verses the power the world believes it has upon us. Step fully into Pisces, and you can be rest assured, you will swirl in spiritual awakenings well worth the journey to arrive at them.

Viking Runes – The Stones of Divination

The Vikings were one of the earliest explorers in history. They may be pictured as noble savages of the sea but they valued knowledge and wisdom more than you could imagine. In fact, they used their own form of lettering – Runes.

Why Is My Horoscope ALWAYS Wrong? How to Tell If a Psychic Is a Fake

Thinking about getting a psychic or astrological reading? Have you spoken to a psychic or medium and found out that they’re “amazing” intuition and precognition is a lot more ordinary than they promise? Or maybe, like thousands of other people, you’ve walked out of a psychic reading with the distinct feeling that you’ve been scammed, snookered or ripped of completely by someone who does NOT have the sort of intuitive gift they promised on the marquee?

Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is taking over as Host of the Tonight Show from Jay Leno on Feb. 17,2014. What are his chances of success?

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