I Designed my Ultimate Astrophotography Telescope

The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Capricorn

This is the one sign in which the all familiar makes me an expert. Born between December 22nd to January 20th those who are so timed by their birth are challenged as goats climbing alone on hilltops. You will have a hard time understanding these down to earth creatures of the unknown who sit like spiders in webs waiting for those who mock them to fall into it.

The Universal Spirit and the Star Sign Libra

The hardest to understand and the most charming of the Zodiac has to be the Libra child. My knowledge of this star sign comes about through my son and brother, both of whom are absolute winners in the popularity stakes. Although in many ways the same they are also very different.

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone Actually Works

The most characteristic feature of Cat’s Eye Stone is its exquisite beauty. The Cat’s Eye Stone is found in a host of colors, green, yellow and brown being the most common among those. The white band which often occurs in the midst of Cat’s Eye Stone makes it easy to recognize.

How Does Being Born In Shukla Paksha Influence An Individual’s Destiny?

Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha are based on cycles of the moon. The fifteen day cycle when the moon is waxing is known as Shukla Paksha while the fifteen day phase when the moon is waning is known as Krishna Paksha. Each Paksha comprises of fifteen tithis (or dates), wherein Shukla Paksha culminates with Purnima or the full moon while Krishna Paksha culminates with Amavasya, which is the new moon night when the moon is not visible. As per the Vedic Astrology, phases of the moon, in conjunction with the tithi when a person is born are believed to be of a great significance.

Astrology Analysis Based on Tithi, Paksha, Day/Night Time Period

You might have observed that some people come across success and positive results simply by putting in their best efforts. It’s almost automatic, and they find it easier to achieve what they desire. Whichever be the field wherein they have interest, success comes their way. On the other hand, some people are required to strive much harder for achieving success in comparison. There are some important factors which play a part in defining how much success an individual attains in his life.

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