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Astrology: Myth or Reality

Astrology is a pseudo-science. It has been in use since time immemorial. It is basically the method to determine the future events of an individual by using the movement of the stars.

Aligning in Our Awareness, The Month of Gemini 2015

The Synthesis of Spring! Whenever our Sun journeys through a mutable sign, our current season is getting ready to conclude and finish it’s yearly duties. As we communicate change within Gemini, The Twins flavor our lives with plenty of intellectual stimulation- ultimately asking us to unite our inner and outer worlds together though synthesis. Our Messenger Mercury is fully in charge of the MINI GEM GEMINI’s natural talents displaying an acute mindset flowing with ideas connecting this process to our spirit and soul.

Aries New Moon: On The Path To Self-Reliance

Happy Aries New Moon! Aries is the wise elder who guides by helping us explore our possibilities, inner knowledge & teaching us the Art of Self-Reliance.

Rooting Our Heart to the Earth, The Month of Taurus 2015

Stabilizing Spring! Our second sign of the zodiac, Taurus The Bull, introduces us to the concept of organizing energy into its fixed state. As we move forward in Spring, we are asked to find the grounding that this earth sign promises we can embrace in our Zodiac Month ahead. One of the signs that values the earth more than anything, we are asked to remember the heart is the root of how we can always find our best security.

Cultivating Courage to Face Our Fears, The Month of Aries 2015

THE SHAPING OF SPRING! Once our Zodiac Wheel arrives back at its’ very beginning, it is the rush of Aries that leads us off with the energy of Cardinal Fire to motivate the season that asks us all to begin again. As thought and action returns to taking up in true directions, we look to Mars as the planet behind the drive that is in charge of the bold and daring action of The Ram. Time spent in the Zodiac month ahead wishes for the collective to cultivate self-consciousness, discovery, and independence wherever Aries dives head first into our lives.

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