3D Astrophotography #Shorts

Myths About Astrology

It is often said that the fate of man, hides itself in the stars above. Probably that’s why, whenever something good happens, he thanks his stars and when things go sideways, he curses them. And despite all these signs and symbols, used in the modern world and found in ancient scriptures that are associated with the movement of celestial bodies, somewhere we are still struggling to accept astrology.

Poojas to Get the Blessings of the Cosmos for One’s Endeavors

Navgrahas are the nine celestial bodies, which are the most important for each Astrological calculation. These are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and also the two shadow planets, which are Lord Rahu and Lord Ketu. It is these nine planets that are placed in our birth chart in the twelve houses, and these are possessed with the prowess to control our karmas, desires and the outcomes of the same as well. Each of the nine planets has an influence in our lives which extends to every sphere of our existence, and this influence is known as the dasa. By using our birth chart, we can derive all information regarding the same.

Know Your Personality by Your Birth Number

Numerology is said to be a certain divine belief in the mystical powers of numbers that have the capability to shape our life and journey throughout the course of time. Numbers are obviously very important as without them the universe will fall apart. These numbers have always played very essential roles in the discovery of new things and beings.

Astrology: What Your Stars Have To Say About Your Future

Human beings are always curious about their future. In order to know about the future, astrology is considered as the best method. This is basically the pseudo-science that helps in understanding the fates of an individual. This has been in use since the time immemorial. In the past, the ancient kings & rulers used this science in order to know about their future. They usually took the help of the astrologers while making important policies related to their kingdom.

Inviting Innovation to Reform Us, The Month of Aquarius 2016

Check out what’s in store for Aquarius 2016! Where will you bring your innovations to life?

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