Tracker vs. No Tracker for ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY (Shooting the Pleiades)

Planetary Cycles for 2015

Planetary cycles and trends for the ecomony, mundane world, and financial markets for the year 2015. Discover the main themes, timing, and what to expect in the new year.

Astrology in Modern Day Times Is No Longer Confusing

Astrology has been practiced for over 10,000 years. It is no longer confusing because of the internet and books.

Health / Medical Astrology

Health is wealth, Health astrology is a specific division of astrology application. It is about getting the values of Vedic Astrology in application for the purpose of deriving the causes of problems of health and for proposing effective remedial solutions for overcoming them.

Reflecting Upon Your Part in Humanity, The Month of Aquarius 2015

FINDING OUR FRIENDSHIP WITH WINTER! The deepest moments that align us within the coldest season are now here as Aquarius requests we sit in our true retreat for a silent listen. As Uranus is in charge -the planet of improvement and the unexpected- of our Sun’s journey within The Water Bearer, it becomes our challenge to overcome the bitterness of winter and discover warmth from our soul. What answers can we find by engaging in the unbiased listening that Aquarius asks for us all to ponder in the Zodiac Month Ahead, about what needs to be further understood about the heart of humanity upon this earth?

Pisces 2015 – 2016 Horoscope

Neptune will be in your sign until 2026 which means this is a very creative and inspiring time for you. You’ll be developing your compassion and your natural loving nature which can influence not only the people around you but the whole world. Pluto is in a favourable aspect to you until 2024 showing that you can rise to a greater position of power and influence than you have ever done before. Saturn will be in square aspect to your Sun until 2017, so make sure you find a balance in your life between work and play otherwise you may become drained and stressed.

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