Light Pollution is Ruining our Night Sky

Gone With the Wind: The Zodiacal Parade

Margaret Mitchell’s blockbuster “Gone With the Wind” is deeply embedded in the cultural tapestry of the United States. But could she have been influenced by astrology to help develop her characters?

Vedic Astrology: How Astrology Affects Your Life?

The ancient knowledge of astrology can be traced back to centuries. Astrology is the study of planets and two luminaries – the Sun and the Moon. Epics, Hindu religion books, says that Hindu gods were using this knowledge for humanity. Similarly, we find the mention of predictions by Lord Jesus Christ at the time of last supper.

Motivating Your Magic, The Month of Aries, 2014

THE SPELL OF SPRING! When the season of rebirth arrives, so too is our Zodiac Wheel once again at the very beginning. Aries and the season of spring lead us off with Cardinal Fire energy that motivates the collective to lead through thought and action. Mars is the planet of drive that directs the courageous course of Aries, as time spent in this month ahead within the intentions of self-awareness, exploration, and freedom fulfill any soul’s free will.

Choose the Best Scents to Match Your Zodiac Sign

If you are having difficulty deciding on a suitable scent for day-to-day to formal wear, you may want to look closer at your personality type. Many people believe it is possible to decide on the most appropriate fragrance by looking at the zodiac signs. Even if you are not a believer of the star signs, a simple fragrance horoscope may offer some guidance on a preferred type of scent.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn moved into the sign of Scorpio October, 2012 and leaves for good September, 2015. While Saturn, the planet of responsibility is traveling through Scorpio, we will hear a lot about taxes, death, sex, issues related to Scorpio.

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