I Rented a Farm to Photograph a Dark Night Sky

The Effects of the Planet Jupiter on Human Lives

Jupiter is everything big, it is the most respected and influential planet of the solar system. The best judges and people in high positions possess a helpful Jupiter in their horoscopes. Jupiter is exalted in the Fourth house, and helpful in most other houses. A good Jupiter provides good education, health and wealth.

Reflecting Hearts Healing Earth, The Month of Leo, 2015

HEARING the HEART & HEAT of Summer As a Fixed Fire sign reigns in the Zodiac, we are now being organized into the present season of Summer. With the guiding light of the Sun feeling right at home in Leo, it is time to become loyal to what our creative pleasures are in life, finding faith in what our heart believes, and kick back into knowing it is purrfectly OK to schedule in “being lazy” like the Lion, so we can fully enjoy the season’s splendors.

Why Do Twin Flames Struggle?

If one’s Twin Flame is our perfect other half, then why are there so many problems in relating to our Twin? Why is there anxiety, frequent break-ups and such confusion? Before you can answer these questions, it is essential to understand that your Twin Flame is providing a spiritual mirror to your own suppressed personality. A Twin Flame relationship is about meeting your shadow side.

The Planet Mercury in Horoscope

In the language of astrology, Mercury is a dual sided planet, and rules the senses it represents intelligence, genius, and analytic power. Mercury in 1st House The native has good administrative skills, and makes a good diplomat with good powers of negotiation, at the same time the native has a human touch. This kind of person has a long life and is tempted to opt for alcoholic drinks and fine dining.

The Effects of Moon in Horoscope and Astrology

The Moon is the mother in the Solar system; it is linked to emotions, feelings, water and Lord Shiva. The effects of moon in various houses in our horoscope will give a clear understanding of what we have received from life already. If in the first house: The native could be the eldest child of the family, and the mother of the native will have a strong influence on him.

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