How To Find ANY Deep Sky Object

The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress – Four Tarot Cards Interpreted

Interpreting tarot cards is quite hard especially for the beginners. Every card defines its own meaning and it is not always easy to understand them. In recent times, many tarot readers even have come up with their own set of interpretations of these cards.

How to Be a Psychic – Learn How to Develop ESP WITHOUT Gimmicks or Gurus

Who else would love to be psychic? I ask that question in sort of a trick way..

What Is the Base Of Horoscopes

None of us can deny reading horoscopes. We have all done it at some point in our lives either when waiting at the doctor’s office or every morning before we set out for work. There are varied reasons why people read horoscopes. Most do it for fun while a few are driven by an innocent curiosity to predict the future. Whatever the reasons, we often ask if there is any truth in the interpretation of these zodiac signs.

Finding Our Divine Friendships, The Month of Aquarius, 2014

BECOMING FRIENDS WITH WINTER! Aquarius organizes us all into the deepest moments of truth of the current Winter season. As it’s guide Uranus -the planet of reform and awakening- our Sun’s passage through The Water Bearer provides us with the friendly opportunity to retreat and embrace the divinity within us all. By casting aside our judgments, the channel of love and knowing we are all one can flow effortlessly to bring to us new life and a richer understanding as to why we are all here in HEART upon the EARTH.

What Astrology And Zodiac Signs Have To Say About You

Certain individuals still believe in astrology. Astrology is an old science, wrapped in myths and conjectures today, since whatever was known about this particular science has diminished into oblivion over the years. However, people still feel zodiac signs are interesting, and may even indulge in reading about their horoscopes more out of fun than anything else.

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